Best Coffee Table Expert Reviews And Buying Guide

A nice and stylish coffee table will surely accentuate the style of any room that you put it in. Coffee tables have been known to add a contemporary touch and a sense of sophistication in your house. These tables are a very good and fashionable alternative to the conventional, large and bulky center tables.

Available in a number of different styles you can choose the one that perfectly matches the style of your house. There are hundreds of different styles and qualities of coffee tables available in the market which makes choosing the best one often a difficult task.

Top Rated Coffee Table To Buy In 2017


DHP Parsons Modern Coffee Table, Black Wood Grain

Available in three different types of finishing this accessory will perfectly complement any room that you put it in. Perfect for small rooms and apartments this is a very affordable option in coffee tables.

Durable and Stable:

Despite having a small price tag, this table is very durable and stable. Excellent construction and quality material used increases the life of this product. Super light hollow core construction decreases the weight of this table while increasing its stability.

Easy Assembly:

This table is very easy to assemble, and there are no complicated parts that must be attached. The simple assembly makes it perfect for everyone. You won’t have to waste a lot of time in understanding the assembly procedure as it is dead simple and can be done by anyone. You will not require any tools for the assembly which further simplifies the task.


The unique, compact and stylish design of this coffee table allows you to use it anywhere in the house. The compact size makes it perfect for small rooms such as dorms. It can also be used as a study table or laptop table for students. The product is also suitable for a guest room, living room and you can even put it in your bedroom.

Other Features:

Delivered to your doorsteps this product gives you perfect value for money. It is light weight, and the finishing is of durable wood grain which also makes it very easy to clean and maintain.


Altra Owen Retro Coffee Table, Sonoma Oak/Gunmetal Gray

This ultra-stylish and the modern coffee table will give a unique and contemporary look to any room that you put it in. Smaller in size, this table is perfect for living rooms.

Easy to Assemble:

Unlike most modern tables this product is very simple to assemble. You will only have to attach the four legs to the table top, and you are good to go. The easy assembly feature not only increases simplicity it also makes this table easy to move around.

Modern Design:

One of the most attractive features of this product is its ultra-stylish and modern design. Unlike the bulky living room tables that you are used to seeing this table is very sleek and slim and can fit perfectly in small spaces.

The slim and compact design gives a tidy look to your room and increases its class. The legs of this table are similar in design to the hairpin which gives a unique, retro and industrial look to the product.


Although the table looks slim and compact, that doesn’t mean that it is not strong. It is a very durable and stable product which is made up of high-quality raw material. The legs are made up of gray gun metal steel which is stylish and very strong. Sonoma Oak table top is also very reliable and strong, and it is also very easy to clean and maintain.


Emerald Home T100-0 Chandler Cocktail Table, Wood

This cocktail table is not only incredibly stylish it is also extremely functional. The solid reclaimed look wood and the metal frame used make the table sturdy while its rustic brown color and the distressed finishing give it a unique and vintage look.


The table top is made of real, solid wood which makes it strong and durable. The finishing of the wood also ensures that you will have no problems cleaning it. The solid wood makes it all the more sturdy and able to withstand weights easily.

Bottom Shelf: Additional Storage:

A bottom shelf is a must have on any coffee table if you’re looking for extra storage space. The bottom shelf can be used for putting away magazines to absolutely anything you frequently need within your reach. This makes the table perfect for putting away things you use or often need close to you.

Quick Assembly:

The hardware pieces come neatly packaged, and the table can be setup and ready to use easily in a very short time as it is extremely easy to assemble and not heavy for its size and the materials used. The materials required for assembly are included in the packaging.

Distressed Finish:

The reclaimed look wood used in this table coupled with its distressed finishing give it a weathered and antique look accentuated all the more by the metal frame. This makes it perfect for giving your home an industrial and rustic touch.


Furinno Coffee Table with Bins, Espresso/Brown

Compact and lightweight. This is the perfect table for small places. Taking up very little space and still having ample storage space this is a must buy. Despite its small size, its design allows for more than enough space.

The engineered particle boards used in its construction and the non-woven bins are what makes it extremely lightweight and easy to carry around. Just follow the instructions, and it will be up and ready to use within thirty minutes.

 Perfect for Small Spaces:

Its small size makes it suitable especially for smaller rooms, so you don’t have to worry about not having any space to move around. It can fit just about anywhere. Being lightweight makes it easier to move around.

Three-Tier Design:

Despite its small size, its three-tier design provides enough space for both displaying and storing items. The top two shelves can be used to put anything from a book or magazines to a coffee mug while the removable bin drawers can be used for storing other stuff.

Removable Bin-Drawers:

Two non-woven bin drawers on the bottom shelf are the most attractive feature of this table. They can be pulled out easily and can be used for storing miscellaneous items from your TV remote to spare batteries to your child’s toys. The bin drawers provide adequate storage space and protection from dust when closed and provide all the accessibility of any usual drawer.


Furinno Simplistic End Table, Espresso/Black, Set of 2

This set of two compactly sized end tables is perfect for your home. Made from carb compliant composite wood and PVC tubes, each table is lightweight and sized perfectly to fit small spaces.

You can use it on either side of the bed as nightstands, as an indoor plant stand or as end tables in your living room. Available in Espresso and Black, these tables will give your room the modern touch you’ve been looking for.

Easy to Assemble:

Hassle free. The assembly of these tables requires no tools at all and is so simple a child would have no trouble with it. No complicated steps and no screws. Neither any unclear set of instructions you may need help deciphering. You can have both up ready to use in under five minutes unlike other modern tables of today that require professional assistance for assembly.


Although inexpensive, the quality design and wood finishing give the tables a sleek and premium look. Despite being lightweight each table is sturdy, making it ideal for use as an end table. The wood finishing also makes them easy to clean. Just wipe them with a damp cloth, and you’re done.


The PVC legs and the composite compressed wood make each table extremely lightweight and the best choice for end tables. This makes them easy to move around, and the PVC legs can be easily detached.


Altra Furniture Carver Coffee Table, Black/Sonoma Oak

Available in a combination of Black and Sonoma Oak, this stylish coffee table is designed to be the centerpiece of your living room. It is ideal for showcasing decorative items or for simply having your most often used living room items in one place.

Chic Design:

Its impeccable finishing on all sides makes it suitable for placement anywhere in the room. The top of the table with its wood grain accent and distressed finishing give it a unique and sophisticated look. The distressed finishing gives the top a weathered yet refined look while the rest of the table with its perfect finishing and matte black paint give it a truly unique look.

Bottom Shelf:

The bottom shelf is a necessity if you’re looking for extra space in your table. It not only contributes to its look and design, but the extra space also allows for the display of additional decorative items or storing stuff you need within reach while watching your favorite show.


The painted MDF particleboard used in this table makes it durable and light for its size compared to other similar tables. Its design makes it extremely sturdy and the best choice for your living room table.

 Other Features:

The product requires assembly upon delivery. The wood finishing makes it easy to clean. No need for chemicals or cleaning products, just a wipe with a damp cloth and you’re good to go.


Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Mestler Coffee Table

This rectangular table is a perfect blend of chic design and superior quality. It has a rustic weathered look, and the sides have sculpted live edge details. Made from a combination of veneers, wood and man-made wood it is not only durable but also sturdy. The table has an overall hand applied finish. Packaged and delivered with extreme care.

 Slatted Lower Shelf:

The lower shelf is slatted and multi-tonal. The bottom planks that make up the lower shelf are multicolored but with a look of wear and tear that is the part of the overall chic design of the table. Not only does this make the bottom shelf eye-catching but it also adds to the overall unique and stylish look. The bottom shelf also provides extra space where you may keep your magazines or whatever you may seem fit.

Easy Assembly:

It is unassembled when delivered however it is extremely easy to do so. It comes with easy to follow instructions and all the necessary hardware and tools included, so you don’t have to look and waste time looking for the right tools.

Unique and Rustic Look:

The reclaimed look and chic design give it a look perfect for a vintage feel and look. Even the different colors of the bottom planks are muted and blend nicely with the overall distressed look of the table. If you’re looking for a piece of furniture that gives off a cool rustic vibe, then this is the best choice for you.


Monarch Metal Cocktail Table, Glossy White/Chrome

coffee-tableA glossy white top with chrome-colored metal base makes this the perfect buy if you’re looking to brighten up your living room. With all the blacks and the browns in your house, this is a nice change and is pleasant to the eyes as well. The crisscrossing design of the base further contributes to its already stylish look. It is well built and sturdy and has a premium look for a low price.

Light Weight:

Despite having an all metal base the table is surprisingly light for its size due to the hollowed board top. Although the table top is spacious and is made from a thick panel particle board, the table can be moved around with ease. It is still however very stable and sturdy due to the metal base.

Color and Design:

With a combination of glossy white and chrome, it is perfect for livening up your living room or any room for that matter. The crisscrossing design of the metal base adds sophistication to the already modern and fashionable table. They also serve another purpose however which is to improve the sturdiness. It would be a gorgeous addition to any living space.


Although it may look sophisticated, it can be assembled with ease and without much confusion in just about thirty minutes.


Better Homes and Gardens Langley Bay Coffee Table

This chic style table can be used to go with many different kinds of room décor from rustic to contemporary. It is due to the gray finishing and the distressed wood grain top giving it a unique look which will go well wherever you decide to put it.

It is most suitable for displaying items of decoration or for use in the living room with your favorite magazines and other needed stuff all in one place. The product requires assembly on delivery.

 Unique Design:

The overall masterful finishing is what makes this ready to be placed in absolutely any part of the room. While the rest of the table is gray and has a soft finish, the top is of Sonoma oak and has a wooden accent distressed finish.

The rustic look of the table top coupled with the gray finishing off the rest of the table give it a one of a kind look. Altogether it comes off as a beautiful piece of furniture.


Made from painted MDF particleboard the table is durable and built to last. The design ensures the sturdiness of the table and further makes it the ideal choice for your home.

Extra Space:

The extra space as a result of the bottom shelf is a pleasant addition as this allows for additional space for the display of decorative items or just putting things you may need at hand in your room.


Furinno 11179EX Simple Design Coffee Table, Espresso

A combination of stylish design and functionality makes this suitable for any room. Made from engineered particle board its espresso color will give the modern touch you’re looking for to your room.

If you’re on a budget, this might be the perfect choice for you. With its dark finishing, it is the perfect size for your rooms as it is neither too small nor too large.

Quick to Assemble:

The table requires assembly before it can be used however it can be done in about fifteen minutes without much hassle. Unlike other modern tables that require professional assistance for assembly, this table is very easy to set up and assemble.


It has a simple yet stylish design which compliments any room it is in. Sized perfectly so that it can be used in smaller rooms too and still leave room to move around.

Its rounded corners make it the ideal choice if you have toddlers. The rounded corners ensure the children’s safety and the chance of serious harm to them.

Light Weight:

The engineered particleboard used in its construction and its stylish design make it lightweight and easy to move about. It is not to be used for placing heavy items as its chief feature is its compact size and light weight making it suitable for use in homes or places where it needs to be moved around often.

Final Verdict

A coffee table is an essential and functional part of every home or living space today and so choosing the perfect table that meets all your requirements can be tiring.

With so many choices available today choosing the right coffee table for your requirements can be a headache. The above list will surely help you choose the right one that meets your needs as the different features of each have been detailed.

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