Best Picnic Table Reviews And Guide

Going on a picnic and not finding the perfect spot is one of the biggest bummers and can easily ruin your mood as well as your day. To avoid such incidents the perfect solution is having your own portable picnic table which you can easily assemble anywhere you.

Get the space under the shade of trees or set it up in the sunlight according to the weather and your mood. These tables are not only perfect for a picnic they can also be used in the backyard or front lawn of your home. Available in different shapes and sizes you order the one that serves you best.

Best Picnic Table Reviews


Lifetime 22119 Folding Picnic Table

This amazing folding picnic table gives you the extra seating and dining space that can be used in your home and you can also easily take it outside with you whenever you are going somewhere.


This folding table is made up of high-density polyethylene which is strong and provides excellent stability and strength. The bench and the table are both UV protected and stain resistant so maintenance of this product is very easy.

It is a guarantee that the top and the seats will not crack chip or peel. The frame is also made of high-quality steel which is rust resistant so that you can easily use it in any weather conditions.


The frame of this table is stronger and even more durable than wood. The excellent construction and strong material used in this table make sure that it can easily accommodate 8 people. This makes the product perfect for large family gatherings.

Other Features:

The table easily folds in half which allows you to easily store it in compact places saving a lot of room. This feature also allows you to carry it along with you whenever you are going out of a family picnic.

Although a little assembly is required, the process is very easy and quick. The table also includes an umbrella hole and cap. Backed by a 2-year limited manufacturer warranty you can buy this product with absolute confidence.


Hopkins 90182ONLMI 2x4basics Picnic Table Kit Sand (Frames Only)

This picnic table kit is easy to assemble and use and can be setup anywhere you want it to be. One of the most amazing products for outdoor lawn type settings this will surely add a nice touch to your house.

Product Description:

When you order this kit, you will receive the frames in which you can add lumber after assembling them. You can easily fix 2 x 4 feet lumbers to these frames and get yourself a nice table and two benches.

The benches and the table can be up to 8 feet long. With these frames at hand, you just need to buy some lumber and get yourself a nice picnic table and benches that you can set up anywhere in your house.

Simple Assembly:

This is one of the most important features of this product as most of the people are often worried about complicated and time-consuming assembly of these products. This is a very easy to assemble the product and no complicated tools are required.

With only a power screwdriver, wrench and a saw you can easily set this kit up. You only require straight, simple and 90 degrees cuts and no angles or miters are needed.


By painting or staining the lumber according to your choice you can easily match the bench according to the color scheme of your house. This is important for the people who want everything in their house to be just perfect. The product is also backed by 2-year limited warranty.


Step2 Sit and Play Picnic Table with Umbrella

This is a perfect product for toddlers and small kids and can be easily set up and moved from one room to another. This will keep your kid occupied for hours because it is perfect for a lot of different fun activities and games.

Easy Assembly:

This picnic table is very easy to assemble and disassemble. The whole process does not require the use of any tools. You can easily set it up without any tools because the parts snap together in perfect shape. The assembly is so simple and hassles-free that it will only take you a few minutes to set it up.


Because of the easy assembly feature and lightweight design, this table is very easy to store and move from one room to another. The table folds flat when it is disassembled which allows you to store it without wasting any space.

The space saving feature is important especially for small homes and apartments. You can also set it up outdoor in the lawn when the weather is nice and sunny and move it back easily inside when it is raining.


The table can be used for a lot of different activities. It is made of strong and durable material and is very easy to clean and maintain. Your kid can use it for snacks, playtime, coloring, homework and other fun activities. The package also includes a square umbrella for shade which can be easily setup when you take the table outside.


Little Tikes Easy Store Junior Picnic Table with Umbrella

Perfectly sized for toddlers this table is perfect for both indoor and outdoor setting. Give your kids the best present with this table which will surely keep them occupied for hours in different fun activities.

No Tool Assembly:

Assembly of this picnic table is extremely simple and does not require the need for any tools. Different parts simply snap with each other to form the perfect table and benches. This easy to assemble product will only take minutes to set up.

Easy Storage:

The table unlocks and folds into small parts which make the storage of this product a piece of cake. Perfect for small homes you can simply unlock and store it in small places when not in use. This feature combined with lightweight design makes it portable and easy to move.

UV protection:

The umbrella that comes with the package provides UV protection so that your kids can easily sit outdoors without damaging their skin. The umbrella is also easy to assemble and fits in the center of the table.

Other Specifications:

The table can easily seat up to 4 children and have the maximum weight capacity of 50 pounds. This is an ideal product for children aged between 18 months to 5 years. This multipurpose table can be used for a number of different fun activities and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor setting.


Norwood Commercial Furniture Blow Molded Plastic Picnic Table

This easy to maintain and strong picnic table is perfect for different family events, libraries, schools and other such places. This is the efficient and effective solution to all your seating problems.

Excellent Support Frame:

The best thing about this product is the excellent support that it provides. The support is made up of very high quality 17 gauge steel tubes which are strong and sturdy. These tubes live up to the expectation and provide excellent support to the whole structure.

The legs are made of even stronger 19 gauge steel. These strong legs not only significantly increase the weight carrying capacity they also provide stability to the table.

Weight Capacity:

The table is capable of carrying up to 1100 pounds of weight which make it perfect for kids and adults alike. This excellent weight carrying capacity is only possible because of the strong and stable frame and legs and excellent quality of overall raw material used.


Although some assembly is required while you are setting it up but it is very simple and can be done very quickly. Simple assembly is also a very attractive feature of this product.

Other Specifications:

The table is 6 feet long and can hold up to eight adults. It is made of high-density polyethylene which makes the maintenance and cleaning of this table a piece of cake.

The blow molded plastic also makes the table very strong and weather resistant. The weather resistant finishing allows you to use this product outdoors without worrying about damaging it.


Beckworth & Co. SmartFlip Bamboo Portable Outdoor Picnic Folding 

If you are looking for a portable multipurpose table that you can take with you anywhere you are going well look no further. This portable folding table is the best option and will surely be a great investment for you.

Simple Setup:

The setup of this table is dead simple and can be done even by kids. The one-piece design makes sure that you don’t any tools for setting it up. Simple folding and unfolding design allow you to set it up anywhere anytime. The whole process takes less than 30 seconds to complete.

Easy Storage:

The design of this product is very innovative and the table folds in the quarter instead of the traditional half folding tables. The table folds down to an ultra-portable size which makes storage and carrying around very simple and easy.

Premium Material:

The top is made up of the high quality and durable Moso bamboo which is easy to maintain and durable. The legs and frame of the table are made up of aircraft grade aluminum. The best thing about its frame is that although it is very light weight it can easily support up to 66 pounds of weight on the table top.

Adjustable height:

While other tables only offer one height setting the smart design of this product gives you the freedom of selecting a number of height settings between 25.6” to 17”. Adjusting the height is also very simple and can be done by simply twisting the legs and extending it.


This table can be used for a number of different activities. This is suitable not only for indoor use it can also be easily carried along with you on beaches, parties, picnics, fishing trips, hiking, and other outdoor activities.


Bowman Wood Picnic Table Style Outdoor Dining Set with Bench Seats

The unique and stylish design of this dining set makes sure that it adds a touch of sophistication and perfection to your home. This is a perfect product for indoor and outdoor setting alike and can be used for a number of different occasions.

Easy Assembly:

One of the main features that make this product a favorite among many customers is that the assembly is very simple and hassle free. With pre-attached legs on the hinge, the only other thing you are going to have to do is to install the crossbar and make sure that the legs have been locked in place.

The legs of both table and benches are attached. All the tools that are required for the assembly are already included in the package so that you don’t have to spend any extra money. The package also comes with an instruction manual to help you with the assembly.


Another great attraction of the product is the relatively cheap and very affordable price tag which comes with it. As compared to most of the similar products available in the market this table is very cheap and affordable and gives you true value for money.


The frame of this table and the benches are made up the high quality of steel which is very strong and durable. These frames are foldable which makes the transportation and storage of this product a piece of cake. The frame offers a raw and refined look to the whole setup.

High-Quality Construction:

The table top and the seats are constructed from smooth Acacia hardwood. The finishing of this wood is rustic and stained which adds a look of sophistication and style to the whole thing. This adds a lot of class to any place where you decide to put it.

This product is perfect for indoor settings as well as outdoor setting such as covered patio etc. The wood is very strong and of high quality which makes this a durable and long-lasting product.

Our Verdict:

Available in different shapes and sizes and for different purposes these picnic tables are a must have if you love to go out all the time or just want to increase the sitting capacity in your home.

With a number of products available in the marketing selecting the perfect one often becomes difficult. With the list that we have compiled, you can select the table that best serves your purpose. Different important specifications of these tables are also given in the article.


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